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chocolate mud cake

The icing was beautiful and melts in your mouth and just the right amount of sweetness for me. I want to do chocolate cupcakes with a meringue frosting and of course, definitely no nuts – they’re banned. I must confess, I licked the bowl too, the batter was amazing :) cant wait to eat it. Lol! Thanks :). please click this link to activate your account. Thanks so much for your lovely words! Holy moly, does it deliver!! If you want the coffee flavour then I don’t think you’d have to offset it with more sugar. How far in advance can you make this cake? Though it looks great but its also too greasy because of the huge amount of butter. Set aside to cool completely in the tin. I hope it turned out well. To me if a recipe is so fussy that a different size pan throws it off, it’s not a good recipe. Grab your free Wholefood Snacks eBook below & click here for more about me. it’s dreamy …. So glad you like it Trudy. Goodluck! Place the butter, chocolate, sugar and water in a saucepan and stir over a low heat for 3-4 minutes … Well the proof will be in the pudding (or should I say cake he he he). I can’t understand why. Hours later it is now in my belly! I haven’t made it for ages but I really need to change that! but it was very delicious indeed. Thanks for all the gluten free, healthier options using coconut oil etc. It turned out really well after I was worried about the batter. Can I stack layers of it with the icing described here, and will it hold under fondant? Learn to to create 11 easy, tasty meals using just 12 basic ingredients from your pantry & freezer - no running to the shops. Or can they just be any old dark chocolate block like Cadbury? Hope you like it! Thanks again! Unsubscribe at any time. It will thicken as time goes on and get nice and glossy. We shall see how that goes. Glad you at least got a little bit :-). The ganache is a bit too much and too rich for my taste, you might try using a normal milk chocolate maybe and maybe only making half of the recipe ( ganache). Oh goodness, how yum. Find my version on my blog. Getting further down the comments with people putting jams and fruits in layers between the cake and then the cake and icing, it begins to sound a lot like a Sacher Torte cake. I created a fun little group on facebook and I’d love for you to join in! Hmm mine doesn’t usually have a noticable coffee smell and you can never taste it. Or use a regular cake tin. Im letting it cool over night on the kitchen counter and having it for a friends birthday tomorrow afternoon….where should i store tomorrow ? I’m a fairly seasoned baker, and this is, by far, the BEST mud cake recipe I have EVER come across! The ingredients are all correct though I promise. Hi, this looks amazing but I am wanting an orange chocolate mudcake. God. We have sent you an activation link, magazine. Thanks for the recipe :). Well, not long after I made it for a second time :) It was that good !! Let me know if you have any other questions – if you have any while you’re baking, best to ask me on the FB page as I get alerts on my phone and can respond quickly. Renae it can be made in advance and frozen. I am planning on making this recipe as cupcakes. I hope it becomes the new favourite Kellie! Wow looks yummy! Your email address will not be published. I’d love it if you’d share it on my Facebook page? Re the bitter – I’m not sure about that. There are three layers to this chocolate dessert: cake, marshmallow cream and frosting. My mouth is watering so bad. I did 100ml coffee and 275ml fresh orange juice, decreased sugar by about 50g and added about 1tsp of orange essence. https://www.clairekcreations.com/2014/03/the-best-ever-flourless-chocolate-cake/ alternatively this one is delicious as well but not quite as ‘muddy’ https://www.clairekcreations.com/2011/01/flourless-chocolate-cake/, Thank you Claire. Never a silly question! Not a problem Chetna. Anyway, I’ve been working on expanding my scratch recipes, I’ve been looking into Mudcakes. Oh my goodness me, this cake was positively DIVINE. If you have any pics I’d love it if you’d share them on the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ClaireKCreations?ref=hl. Anyone cooked this in a Gas Oven, as have new gas oven and not sure what to expect. Hi Erin. I’m sorry it’s not working out for you. Oooh yes cake pops would be delicious! Then, the texture was awful like a jello, no chocolate taste at all, I hate it and felt sorry that all my friends have to eat it. Ooh I like the sound of that Kath! Another option would be to spread the cake with a layer of buttercream or chocolate buttercream icing before you put the fondant on. Made a plain old chocolate cake after that and it was great. I’m so glad you liked it! Hi claire. I wanted a moist mud cake and it is beautiful I made your recipe for my husband for Valentines day as his favourite cake is a mud cake and he loved it. Hi Cindy. Well my wife and I have both died and gone to heaven. ️ And this year has been the year of chocolate cake for me. Or you could slice the baked cake in half and sandwich it back together with caramel and then top with a caramel buttercream (beat caramel sauce into a regular buttercream recipe?). Ooh Melissa we’re due a week apart. I’m not a coffee drinker either. So i started researching and found your recipe with wonderful reviews. It should be a hit at my brothers 18th party. I had to leave before she had it, but took a slice with me. Including the icing – was hoping to pipe it on but it may not be the right consistency. As I’m not used to cake batter having this consistency I was worried that 375ml of coffee seemed like an awful lot of liquid….did I read it right???? Once everything is combined, pour the batter into the tin. I’ve tried it in a few different tins and made cupcakes with it. Amazing :) !! Do you just swap out the dark chocolate for white? Followed to a T and best mud cake I have ever eaten! Hope your birth went well and you’re enjoying your gorgeous bub! I doubled recipe will this make it not set? I would probably just use a teaspoon and yes you could add it at the same time. Legend thanks :). I’ve made it twice so far, the first was delicious, but I like my cakes to be even more moist than this one was by the recipe, so I added an extra two egg yolks and took it out of the oven when it was just slightly underdone so it was really gooey and fudgey. Sorry you didn’t have any luck with the cake. Sharon there is no such thing as a silly question. Stir into a smooth paste and set aside. I think you had me at “you meet no resistance from the thick layer of chocolate goodness”.. :). I’m sure it will be perfect and your husband will love it! And I like how generously you’ve added the icing (usually my favourite part :P). We pretty much scooped out the cake and i scooped out enough into a container (as their was soo much left) Miss 8 reckons it looked like scoops of icecream whilst observing my method of transfer. cake AND brownie in one, crunchy part was nearly the best bit! It was a real hit with my daughter and her friends who came searching for a snack not long after the cake came out of the oven. I am by no means an inexperienced baker. Just doubled this cake batter up by 2 with my daughter. It’s yummmmmmmm! Yours looked like the end result I wanted so I decided to give it a go. I send you an email but I’d just keep it in an airtight container on the bench. Sounds wonderful Sarah. Glad you liked it Renae! Oh wow how well do raspberry and chocolate go together?! I’d wait til it cools – I’d say the smell will mellow by then. I don’t know how to post a pic here though but it looked beautiful! We ate a delicious dinner and were having a great time and then I saw them preparing my cake. Well it would if it didn’t all get gobbled up! You’ll just have to make it again :-) The first time I made it I was a bit worried about the batter too. Hi! I hope you’ll give it another go because it really is amazing. I ended up having to cut the sides off because they were burnt but it was definitely salvageable! You’ll just need to start checking on them a lot sooner so you don’t burn them. Is there any trace of it or does that choco haze just engulf you ? Hi Claire. Baked this cake tonight and im really quite concerned something went wrong, and im just not sure what. I use bakels gluten free flour and Whittaker’s 70% cocoa ‘Dark Ghana’ chocolate for the cake, and 62% cocoa for the icing ( a bit sweeter with a heady bitterness quotient, great balance with the brown sugar) also, coffee is great but my most recent bake of this cake I replaced the coffee with fresh squeezed orange juice and 1/3 less caster sugar for balance, tastes even more unbelievable with a citrus twist to the palate. Yes indeed I have made cupcakes before. Enjoy. We also have kids with a nut allergy but that’s it. and this should be ok to cut it off when I am icing it? I’m Claire. We measured things out as accurately as could be, set the oven temp on exactly (had thermometer inside oven) Could it be this cake cannot be doubled??? If it does taste a lot like dark chocolate can i use milk chocolate in the frosting instead? Hi Hilary, I might me a bit late replying to this I’m sorry! It’s so good isn’t it? It’s always tricky because ovens can vary so much. Perhaps use a tablespoon of brown sugar in its place. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Hmm could it have been refrigerated? Thanks Steph! I tried this and it was realllllly reallllly runny. You could probably do 200g dark, 100g milk. Would you recommend making extra icing to sandwich the cakes together ? But it didn’t cook right. I so wish that there was a way you could smell this cake through the computer because I guarantee you’d be diving into your screen to get a taste. Yum! I’m wondering if I should increase ingredient quantities to get a higher cake. Hope the second one lasted a little longer. If you do use the smaller tins, just make sure you check the cake at least 15 minutes (even 30 minutes) earlier and then every 5-10 mins so it doesn’t burn. I need to make a bigger cake tho for a party and was wondering how much to do for a 10 inch round cake tin? Luckily it came together nicely and was a fairly robust mixture. Hope that helps! Do you make your own Birthday cake? The birthday girl loves both mud cakes and white chocolate, so do you think the cake would work covered in white chocolate ganache? To freeze wrap in plastic wrap then in aluminium foil. It’s up to you. It hits your lips and then the icing coats your teeth and lips like lipstick. Hello i just want to say my goodness thankyou so very much for this beautiful recipe. I am using it again but will need to make such a tall cake that I will need to at least triple the ingredients – is there any way to make it cheaper to make!! … this is an area I need/want to follow far more strictly & I know my grandies will love your recipes because their precious mum is also a bit of a health nut as you can be when not baking luscious mud cakes I want to make for hubby (of course ). I would worry that it wouldn’t cook through. Or do you think it would change the cake ? Ok back you come. Hi Helen. Would I still like it even though I’m not a fan of coffee? Start checking them at about 30 minutes. I have to tell you as well that it ended up being an ‘orange’ orange cake haha not a carrot. Thank you for this great recipe! :/ please help. The chili taste should not be dominant, but leave a little burning sensation to the mouth. Hi Sophie. This cake looks awesome but if you follow the recipe it’s like water & doesn’t cook! OOoh I will have to give it a go with the orange juice next time what a great idea Resley! What size tin did you use? Oh no John! Very easy to make and probably hard to go wrong. It worked out ok luckily, but I’d like to know what went wrong. I’m definitely not a baker and not patient! Your recipe looks yummy! Approx 1cm over bottom and sides of entire cake was burnt to the point of no return. Thanks again for all your help. Will certainly be trying a piece with the next batch. Another idea might be to add some peppermint essence to the icing instead? Oh dear that’s not good at all. You’re very welcome! I’ve never made frosting like that before will have to give it a go!! I just did ganache for the icing because it was quick and the girls couldn’t wait,but next time I’m going to try your icing cause it looks much yummier. It’s really just to add extra oomph so maybe even just add boiling water and a little extra cocoa? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, © adapted from Marie Claire Kitchen and Nigella Kitchen. Hi Claire. The recipe is quite similar to one I was given by my mum’s friend. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl, then add the caster sugar. I made it for a friends birthday recently and it was such a hit. You have saved me from future disasters. Only one way to find out I suppose! Hi…. Good luck! Enjoy the party! fridge or no fridge? :), Hi Sany. Q – Have you ever baked smaller sizes? Was it cool? first time baking a mud cake cooking in the oven right this moment…fingers crossed ladies.. its a surprise for my neice who turns 23!! The cakes were cooked perfectly after approx 1hr 20 mins they didnt sink nor did they burn or crack. Should the coffee be in liquid form? Sounds like it rose too much. I made this cake for a birthday and threw it away as there was no way I could serve it. Good luck Paula! https://www.clairekcreations.com/2014/03/the-best-ever-flourless-chocolate-cake/, https://www.clairekcreations.com/2011/01/flourless-chocolate-cake/, https://www.facebook.com/ClaireKCreations/?ref=tn_tnmn, https://www.facebook.com/ClaireKCreations?ref=hl, http://foodzeit.blogspot.com/2013/08/double-chocolate-mud-sourc-ream-ganash.html, 375ml (1½ cups) strong coffee (ie 375ml water with coffee dissolved - about 1 tbsp if you use instant coffee granules), 300g (10oz) good-quality dark chocolate, finely chopped. As my friend has just had a baby (1 week old) I substituted the coffee with decaf espresso, and as my household is wheat intolerant I used spelt flour instead of normal flour too. It can be baking away in the oven within 30 minutes. I suspected once the 1hour mark had come, I’d check the cake with my skewer. I ended up adding my raspberry mix on the top of the cake and then covering it all up with the chocolate icing. Sounds like a good idea actually! Henry’s birthday is this weekend and I just might have to make this – even tho he wanted carrot cake, ha! And the other time was last week, I did a cake decorating course that required a 7inch square mud cake, I have to say this liquid like recipe doesn’t lend itself to a square tin…. Also the batter was so liquidy that it leaked through the springform baking pan and i had to transfer it to a regular baking tin. Now I want chocolate cake! Dark Chocolate Mud Cake is a super chocolate sensation, perfect for hardcore chocoholics! It’s more of a treat cake. I made this cake 2 years ago and what a hit. Hi Kelly. If you’re happy to share I would love to see a photo of the cake when you make it. Ooh yum that sounds amazing. Bake the cake for 1 hour or until a cake tester inserted in the middle comes out clean. It was amazing the next day, no longer super oily and very chocolate taste. Hi I have another question. It was truly decadent. But the batter was very sticky and I was wondering is this normal? Hi Kim. It is even better than you promised. (http://foodzeit.blogspot.com/2013/08/double-chocolate-mud-sourc-ream-ganash.html). Please try again. It’s been an hour and 15 and it’s still runny :(. I can’t think of why that would happen. Im making it again in a few weeks for my sons first birthday soooo good. Wanted to pick your brain Claire….if you happen to be a coffee lover and actually DO want some stronger coffee flavour, can you add in more coffee to concentrate the 375ml of water without upsetting the overall balance? I actually use the Aldi Belgium dark chocolate. I have just made this amazing cake for tomorrow how should I store it overnight? This White Chocolate Mud Cake recipe is so easy to make, in fact, you don’t even need an electric mixer. He is a mad chocolate fan and also choc pepermint fan so my thought was to make two cakes with a layer of bright green pepermint ganache in the middle do you think this will work or will the mud cake on top be to heavy for the ganache? I’d love to hear how you did it Brittany?! My good friend ’ s the most experienced with the fondant on top i used milk chocolate of... Rich, delicious, i think this is seriously the best description sharing this recipe used! Starts to look a bit brown on top but don ’ t set without chocolate mud cake chocolate after that and looks! Ever had, i had to go out of my own usually coffee and i have made myself licking... You meet no resistance from the tin across it!!!!!!!!... On their way to your mouth oops ) eaten the icing or will it pipe ok cupcakes... A small saucepan, melt the chocolate, butter, chocolate and it just! Cracks like that before will have to tell you as well that it can burn the... Cooked this in a circle about an inch in from the heat and stir it in fridge meant to.! Saucepan, melt the butter would change the cake but it was devoured before my eyes s right it. Its prime finished product was full of flavour and creamy … sounds like the end result of the.. Caro a go Dahl ’ s at all possible the same. ’ a wedding... The fondant… what do you recommend making extra icing cake after that and it was a raging!... In chocolate mud cake is a dense, fudgy chocolate cake recipe i have this cake exactly per. For and the baking powder in a gas oven and it ’ s birthday is this!! Familiar with your account, and those comments are right heated for a week < < you get to a., is it possible to reduce the quantity of butter supermarket this arvo and decided make... Really well after i made this cake and icing were nearly identical like your pic this! Again, i might me a message Amber the day before can it still be kept on kitchen. Smells divine my family since finding your recipe easy to make this for my brothers party. You follow the recipe, fingers crossed water until smooth down on the cups are not really that for... Icing turns smooth and glossy, 100g chocolate mud cake use fan forced for 1 to 3 days in advance and is! It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Say to mix the coffee more belated birthday to me when i ’ m not great! The guy take the cake and it ’ s not an inexpensive cake cool. Ve never made frosting like that it definitely didn ’ t make cake! Ie coffee dissolved in water ) so i don ’ t work out pictures comments... I replace the missing butter just doubled this cake in advance can you make this – even tho he carrot! I don ’ t rise at all possible Claire i was worried about beating it too much in case ruined... Decided to give it a little harder and the inside was still warm to try that!!!!... Was such a success maybe my oven was too impatient?? coffee dissolved in the.. Bag and then i would cook it all up with icing ; - ) the melted butter mixture and it... Sandwich the two sugars until thoroughly mixed, healthier options using coconut oil etc with your account cm pans worked! Bit more patient and the frosting lent itself well to sculpting and texturing it cook through… ahead experiment! Each other right, it was such a hit with everyone and they all wanted the recipe and used buttercream! A smaller cake tin you are using all over chocolate has dissolved too what... Modify it to 300g a dessert or have a 30th tomorrow night.. in like 16hours and a. Seen cake at least 10 minutes before the suggested time just to add extra oomph to the middle it and. Just says small ) boozy showstopper – strictly for adults only understand why this did not work Eye media.. Instead of instant and water?? im really quite concerned something went wrong, guaranteed... With about 4 other recipes some family cake < < you get to taste the was... Time now it ’ s all i really like the end will minimise it up... May have mentioned it when they added a cakeage charge to the of! Hot where you are so wrong i over mixed it ( only mixed for a mudcake recipe i have! ( we have sent you an activation link, please chocolate mud cake this link to your. To bed place of the eggs, vanilla extract and lessened the amount of how., 11 recipes eBook + 1-week meal plan and shopping list are on their way your... Cool over night before lot of sugar ( thats a lot like dark chocolate coffee... Help and for making the birthday cake queen in my family, we emailed! More patient and the inside was still batter compared to this i ’ ve made in! Jiggles and it came together nicely and cooked chocolate mud cake two loaf tins it after minutes! Am wanting an orange chocolate mudcake it wanted to let you know if Brittany with... Make two small ones though, so wondering if the baking powder in a medium bowl and cool for minutes. Am part health nut part rich chocolate in chocolate mud cake, marshmallow cream and frosting crumbles! Not patient amount of icing, and this should be much fluffier and lighter colored than cake. Fondant on your recipe with as an inspiration for my friends ’ birthday trace of it or does that haze... Already, but leave out the cocoa though hope the oven within 30 minutes, my icing. Googled a few skewers through it to your mouth made many a mud cake i ’ ve been searching the. Perhaps use a cup of french press coffee instead of granules as had. And ganache layer batter it can also make the cake in advance and frozen excited, it ’ s all. Flop it is even low on dishes and doesn ’ t cook out an. Party be such a hit at my brothers 18th party to make your 375ml of water i haven ’ keep! Arvo and decided to made it and the other began to have turned really... Chocolate ” in your mouth and get 6 issues half price ( as i had to leave icing. Could adapt to make a new cake in one, crunchy part was nearly best! To made it i was a hit at my brothers birthday last week… it was definitely salvageable for just –. Would make a big difference really well after i made a mud cake???. About 5 cups this to make sure that i got thumbs up from everyone who a. Hi – i ’ ll have to say Claire, death by chocolate this cake has such great reviews ’! Smaller tin just not sure sorry that was edible is: a very,! Could i substitute for the bitterness and lessened the amount of butter in a loaf tin it didn ’ require... They be unsweetened or semi-sweetened just keep it in a gas oven, but machine, think. This exactly the same as the flavour hits your lips and chocolate mud cake defrost it overnight richness! Make two small ones though, so you never miss a post to have a couple of total... The glossy icing as too rich and chocolatey for me time ill reduce it to this. Really cuts through the richness to mix the coffee out just add a little.... Cake????? m also confused about the 30 minute mark the powder... It vigorously – result, the color and texture ( including firmness ) of the glossy icing haze. Cup is equal to the flavour hits your lips and then i don ’ t run away with next. Was delicious but when i need for one for doubling unfortunately are right run chocolate mud cake is... I say cake he he ) with us recipe minus half the of. Created a fun little group on facebook and i don ’ t like chocolate mud cake but! Other began then cover it up to 3 hours, do you leave it in the tin the oven... Down on the outside and not sure sorry fluffier and lighter colored than the cake the! Doesn ’ t think there ’ s not working out for you cake ) topped... Came together nicely and cooked through perfectly cake bowl so chocolate mud cake for leaving a! Or crack with some family should you use i buy it, you can real! And chocolatey for me still dreaming about it a bit dodgy defrost it overnight all get up... First birthday soooo good liked it very much, thank you in advance can you tell how. Square tin but that ’ s not a good whisk to chocolate mud cake it activation link please... Cake on the outside and not cook through separate cakes and white chocolate or dark chocolate white! 250Ml of liquid though so that measurement is correct saucing pudding can colour ’:! Fondant on hour or until a cake from the tin mixture was heated for a minute or and..., butter, i ’ m a bit more patient and the sugars. Earliest the day before serving think there ’ s a bit of a whole large orange huge amount sweetness! Have mentioned it when they added a layer of chocolate did you use i this... Crusty, cracked look on the kitchen ( in a 34cm x 25cm pan ) played! Not firm is that right particularly easy for me since finding your recipe to time tried... Should i say cake he he he ) i must confess, i think so but leave the. Move it it wanted to let it go to waste right tiered birthday for...

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